NIKE-Spirit of the American brand

Published: 16th March 2011
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Spirit of the brand that the consumer awareness, the brand represents, contains the meaning, symbolism, character, emotion, taste and other comprehensive cultural factors combined. As we all know, NIKE, many series requires a large market, NIKE TN has swept the globe. Spirit of the brand is essentially a personalized to represent the spirit of enterprise, which is the brand or brand decision-makers in the long-term production and management in the cause of the gradual formation of beliefs, values, or business purposes. Spirit of the brand by the different business areas of content, methods, history, tradition and reality of the constraints has the pursuit of diversity, is the brand in the production and business activities have gradually formed the idea personalized color statements. Spirit of the brand Nike TN REQUIN in various forms, but also a variety of communication channels, to strengthen the staff's brand awareness and brand marketing have an important role.

Spirit of the brand in the market competition has not estimated the power of the development of enterprises plays an important role. View from the shoe industry, increasing competition among shoe brands focus on the influence of the spirit. The international shoe giant Nike is marketing the brand to focus on the spirit of the master. "Sports, performances, free and easy, free the spirit of the athletes," Let Nike sought after by many consumers.

Founder of the shoe brand Nike Bowerman said: "As long as you have body, you're athletes. And as long as there are athletes the world, Nike will continue to grow and develop." Another founder of Knight believes that sport is not the end, only the restless spirit of personal struggle, the spirit of innovation throughout the business to be "sports, performances, free and easy, free" spirit as Nike athletes to pursue the core personality of the brand culture. To reflect the spirit advocated by the TN REQUIN brand, Nike, the company hired Jordan, Jackson and Tiger Woods and other athletes for advertising. Taken these outstanding athletes everywhere advertising the film without demonstrating unwavering faith and sense of accomplishment. Meanwhile, the Nike ad also the lens at ordinary people, depict the image of the Struggling unknown, reflecting the spirit of hard work go all out for victory.

"Nike will not sell products, and only sell Nike brand, then look forward to the back of sales up with the brand." Nike believes, "on behalf of the people the brand is very dynamic. They are not conservative, willing to innovate, to seize the opportunity, but also willing to name the brand, accept the people's love, criticism or respect. "spirit of the brand marketing, Nike has made such a huge success, now in the hearts of many young people have become Nike a kind of personality, a symbol of the persistent pursuit of self-confidence.

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